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Electronic commerce or e-commerce websites are responsible for displaying and selling the products over the World Wide Web. There are wide varieties of eCommerce Website which sell everything from clothes to food to the websites themselves. It is vital to get a complete view of a website if you are willing to evaluate your own website or the website of your competitor.  Content, attractiveness, functionality and advertisement must be reviewed for successfully evaluating an eCommerce website. Develop  a rating system and encouraging others to evaluate along with you is a good idea. This can increase the sales globally.  Here are 8 ways to evaluate your eCommerce website.

1.)    Suggestions of friends and colleagues:

Take the suggestions of friends, colleagues and clients in  evaluating the same website which is based on the same criteria. Your account will get help for what is subjective and come up with an average score if two or more evaluations are done.

2.)     A computer program of Spreadsheet:

Create a spreadsheet on a computer program and urge your fellow evaluators to rate the website on the scale of 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or simply by checking a box if that feature is in on the website.

3.)    Bring up the website on your computer:

From  5 to 10 min navigate the website before the evaluation has been completed.

4.)    Mark the scores for the Store content:

Make the evaluations by the answers whether the website provides the following content:-

  • Determine whether the relevant information for each product on the website which includes prices is provided by the website. It must include all the technical specifications which are easy to understand. Also analyze whether the website explains technical aspects of the products themselves.
  • Determine the offers which are not given by other websites. This may bring customers to buy from your website.
  • Does payment and shipping options are adequately explained by the website.

5.)    Review the functionality of the website:

The ease of navigating and purchasing the products from the website is reviewed by the functionality of the website.

  • The rate of navigation of the website must be reviewed. An e-commerce website must allow you to move from home page to product pages.
  • Analyze weather there is an ease of reviewing purchases and posting the comments on the articles which ask questions to support staff.
  • Check for the 1-click shopping for the customers. Which means the “add to shopping cart” button can be clicked and be able to check out immediately.
  • Determine whether the relevant links to the other products and reviews is provided by the website. It encourages the interaction with its customers.

6.)  Analyze the authority of the website:

Sometimes in order to scam customers eCommerce websites are built hence it is vital to make the surety of making your online store safe. Here are some ways which can predict that the website is authentic or not.

  • A secure checkout and options for PayPal or Google Checkout must be offered by the website. It is done for the customers so that they can easily determine how to pay.
  • The site must answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which in turn explains the authenticity of the company.
  • Also decide that the website has a number of interactions and ratings between its customers.  It will also reveal that how long the website has been in business.

7.)   Evaluate the marketing for the site:

Make the decision that  the website is easy to find on the search engine or via advertisement placement. Using 3 of 4 of the main search engines try to find how the site performs.

8.)    Determine an average score and gather the evaluation:

Motivate people to write their impressions at the bottom.

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