5 Ways to Create Buzz for Your new eCommerce Product Launch

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5 Ways to Create Buzz for Your New eCommerce Product Launch

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5 Ways to Create Buzz for Your New eCommerce Product Launch

Launching a new product or service is always an exciting and nerve-wracking endeavor. While expanding your product line is a great step forward for your brand, there’s always the inevitable doubt that it might not do well. TO combat this, it’s vital to create awareness or buzz around the impending launch of your product. Creating anticipation around your new product or service can help ensure the success of your product.

Create Teasers

Marketers face a tough time getting the word out on new and upcoming products, but teasers can help create attention and anticipation. Creating teasers to post periodically until the product launch is one of the best ways to create anticipation for your product. Posting teaser content on social media platforms that are most useful to your product and create short picture and video teasers to create anticipation!


Start a Blog

One of the easiest and free tactics you can use to create buzz is starting a blog. Writing blog articles can help build buzz around your product because you’re giving in-depth detail about the new product or service. Becoming a voice of authority in your industry is important as more and more customers will trust you as a brand. Writing blog articles, which answer industry questions can help establish your authority.


Videos are one of the biggest ways to create impact for your brand because so many people are visual. They’re also a great way to create anticipation around your new product. A little creativity can take you a long way. A creative and engaging concept can help market your product and create anticipated buzz even more than traditional marketing tactics. Posting videos on your social media platforms that see the most traffic will help your product and video be seen by a lot more people.



Utilizing influencer marketing is having individuals (called influencers) who are well known in your industry can help bring much-needed attention to your brand and product. Not only will their followers and community come to your brand, they will also be influenced to purchase your product because they see their favorite influencers talking about it. Influencers have a massive reach, and utilizing them could bring a lot of traffic back to your brand’s product or service.



Starting a contest or giveaway is a great way to engage with your customers as well as bring in new customers. Contests are fun and give your customers an incentive to enter your giveaway and can have your customers purchasing products. In order to create buzz around a new product or service launch, create a contest or giveaway for a free product or service a customer can win after the launch of the product. This creates attention and anticipation as more and more customers will enter in order win the free prize.
Strategic marketing tactics can help create a lot of anticipation around your new product launch, and help retain customers even after the launch. Whether you need a custom landing page for your contest, or SEO blog writing, contact 1Digital to get started today!

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