5 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty Organically for Your eCommerce Business

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5 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty Organically for Your eCommerce Business

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5 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty Organically for Your eCommerce Business

Brand loyalty in an eCommerce business is very important for many reasons. As an eCommerce company, you want customers to come back to your web store each time they are looking for a product. Brand loyalty means when they’re looking for a specific product, consumers will come to you rather than your competitors. In order to establish brand loyalty, there are many strategies to try out. Many used paid strategies like advertisements and product placement to establish brand loyalty. But there are a few changes you can make in order to increase your brand loyalty completely organically.

1. Tell Your Story

Take your customers on your brand’s journey and have them become emotionally invested in your products and company. You want your customers to know your roots and where you came from, not just what products you’re selling to them. Providing a backstory, and having your customers invest in your brand emotionally will have your customers with you for the long haul. As new products are rolled out, your connection with your customers will allow you to make more sales.

2. Reward Customers For Their Loyalty

Customers thrive on incentives. If you provide them with a reason or reward to come back, they will. Rewards can help establish brand loyalty and form a solid foundation of customers. Furthermore, in this day online reviews (especially for a small business) make or break your business. Customers do extensive research beforehand and utilize online reviews to make purchase decisions. Make sure your customers are reading the very best. Positive reviews on your Google+ page, Facebook, and even Yelp will all help increase traffic and SEO. Rewards and incentives provide a reason for your customers to leave positive reviews on social media and other websites.   

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social Media is usually the first resource customers utilize to research a product and learn more about a company. You want to make sure you are active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. It is noted that your customers are more likely to be active and interested in your products when you as a brand are interactive with them. Whether it’s consistent posting, following back, or communicating with your customers, engagement with your customers proves to bring customers back again. Community engagement will show your customers that you are an involved brand always looking to make improvements and listen to your customers. 

4. Highlight Your Employees

Your employees are the driving force behind your brand. Their hard work and dedication are the reason your business runs. Highlight them as individuals who contribute to your brand and its success. This will help bring your company recognition, trust, and even some personality. Your customers will see faces behind the brand, and have more reason to trust your company. Additionally, by highlighting your employees and recognizing them, your business will gain exposure from their network of friends and family as well.   

5. Take Social Listening Into Account

Social listening is monitoring your social media activity and conversations to understand what your customers are specifically saying about your brand and company. Utilizing social listening can help you make strategic improvements based on the feedback they provide. Social listening can also help brand loyalty  because of the direct interaction between company and customer. If your customer sees that you actively listen to what they have to say and that you’re constantly improving based on what they are saying, they are more than likely to continue to give feedback. This helps build a trust between customer and company and your customers will come back to you and become a loyal customer.


Small changes and tweaks can create a large impact and drastically increase your brand loyalty organically. You can utilize strategies that you probably already have intact already, to create an even bigger customer base. If you need that extra push or even help to make these small adjustments, contact 1Digital today! We’ll take the reigns of any changes you might want to implement on your eCommerce web page! 

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