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5 Steps to Take Today to Have the Best ECommerce Holiday Marketing

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Why It’s Important to Handle ECommerce Holiday Marketing Early

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to plan your holiday marketing strategy! While most people are focused on pumpkin spice making its return to markets across the country and apple picking season, eCommerce entrepreneurs must be looking ahead to the months that follow.

It isn’t just December that is filled with shopping and preparation, planning and purchases by people across the country. Most people start some of their holiday shopping a few months in advance, and your eCommerce holiday marketing must catch them before they buy from a competitor.

However, sales success in the upcoming months is directly dependent on what you do now. A solid plan for your eCommerce holiday marketing in September could make all the difference for your fourth fiscal quarter, which is often the biggest sales quarter of the year for online stores. Want to see fantastic holiday sales? Take these five steps today.

#1: Create a Chronological Strategy for ECommerce Holiday Marketing

What does it mean to create a chronological strategy? A chronological strategy is putting your plan and eCommerce holiday marketing strategy onto paper, but not just in the form of a hodgepodge of ideas and possibilities. It can be incredibly simple in design, such as a calendar of your marketing steps and tasks for the upcoming months, or possibly more comprehensive with deadlines, project management, and other tools incorporated into the chronology.

However, it is essential to see your upcoming marketing as it will be implemented this autumn. For one, it provides a better idea of the tasks you need to complete. Secondly, seeing the timeline for each piece of a successful eCommerce holiday marketing plan is likely to drive home the point that the work needs to begin now.

#2: Set Your Marketing Budget for the Holiday Season

ECommerce companies make an average 30% more sales in November and December than in other months of the year. While some online stores might see a jump at the start of summer, for instance, bathing suit designers, across the board the late autumn months are the most important months for revenue. Therefore, you are likely to dedicate a greater percentage of your marketing budget to digital marketing and other eCommerce holiday marketing in the run-up to these months.

While most eCommerce companies would agree that preparing for November and December deserves more marketing spending than other months, you want to plan for this season financially like you would any other time of year. That means structured, smart spending on your marketing efforts.

#3: Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your eCommerce Holiday Marketing

If you don’t already work with a digital marketing agency for your strategy and implementation, this is the season. However, most digital agencies will be finalizing client lists and work schedules for the holiday season in the near future. That means you need to contact agencies immediately if you want professional advice on your eCommerce holiday marketing.

Uncertain if you want to spend your marketing budget on a digital agency? Consider some specific advantages and benefits of outsourcing this work: For one, if you find a digital agency that specializes in eCommerce, such as 1Digital Agency in Philadelphia, the agency can utilize performance metrics to determine the success of specific marketing efforts.

As well, agencies have a better understanding of social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO, and other important concepts that can ensure your eCommerce holiday marketing is successful across platforms this season. Lastly, another big benefit is accessing the collective creativity and experience that digital marketers have in regards  to eCommerce holiday marketing.

#4: Turn to Sequential Digital Marketing Platforms

Marketing for the holiday season isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.  Just like a marathon, you should set “mile markers” along the way. ECommerce companies may choose different critical points in a timeline, but having set milestones is important for a number of reasons.

Mile markers will keep project management for your marketing on track. Additionally, these markers are important for assessing projections and performance metrics, such as where you are generating traffic this season and the percentage of cart abandonment. Lastly, these milestones make great use of your sequential marketing tools before and during the holiday season.

Email and sequential social media campaigns are particularly powerful for eCommerce holiday marketing efforts. Sequential campaigns allow an online store to remind potential customers of the holiday season, without inundating them with content entirely about Santa Claus, jingle bells, and chestnuts by the open fire. Instead, you can add subtle references to the impending holidays and incorporate holiday tactics with broader marketing efforts.

Sequential marketing also allows eCommerce companies to build the excitement of holiday shopping. A set of social media posts or an email campaign can slowly reveal a holiday story, link to a series of holiday sales, or otherwise build towards the season.

#5: Plan for How the Holiday Season Affects SEO

In the age of digital marketing the holiday season affects more than just how people shop, it also changes how they search. Often, online shoppers who would regularly search for one set of terms will suddenly clarify their search by incorporating holiday lingo and language. For instance, out of season, someone wanting to buy a men’s coat might just search “coats for men,” or if looking for a specific coat, “warm winter coat men.”

However, when the holiday season rolls around, this search is likely to change slightly. Searches will include language such as, “Christmas gift men’s coat,” or “present winter coat men.” These are subtle changes, but sellers that incorporate these keyword changes into their eCommerce holiday marketing could see a significant advantage through search results.

Of course, in 2017 there is more to SEO than incorporating keywords. A digital agency is best positioned to discuss what other SEO-related changes an eCommerce company wants to make for the holidays.

Looking to Start Your ECommerce Holiday Marketing?

If your eCommerce company is looking for direction or strategy for this year’s holiday marketing, now is the time to seek outside advice or support. At 1Digital Agency, our digital marketing experts provide campaigns, strategies, and creative solutions to improve sales this holiday season.  Our focus on eCommerce businesses all year long means these strategies are tailored to online stores.

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