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At 1Digital® Agency, we work with clients every day to make significant changes to their eCommerce websites. This can include everything from full-scale website redesigns to web development and platform migrations that can involve a lot of moving parts.

There are some businesses, however, that may just need a simple solution to solve a problem with their website development that can make their website function much better. There are various circumstances to consider when it comes to these simple projects. You may not give much thought to your website if you have a large brick and mortar store to run, but when unforeseen circumstances come up and you need to rely on the eCommerce side of things to support your business, these small elements become much bigger.

1Digital® is always available to assist clients with these smaller web development projects and bug fixes that keep their online store up and running smoothly at times when you need it the most. Here are five small and simple web support projects that can be very important to your eCommerce business, maybe more than you realized.

Homepage Popups

There can be many reasons for you to add a homepage popup to get a specific message across to customers before they even begin shopping with you. This can be a place to let people know an update on your brick and mortar store, such as any new hours or unexpected closures. You can let people know of any overflow in orders you have and provide a warning that certain products may be delayed in shipping as a result. It provides a new, open line of communication with your customers, whether you want to draw them in with a special offer or provide them with some specific information on your store or give a business update.

Landing Pages

Are you preparing for a big holiday sale? Do you have a new physical location with a new target audience you want to reach? Do you have a special message that you want to display where you can also provide more information? Create a landing page for it. When you have to rely on your eCommerce store for sales to keep your business moving, it can be a great time to create some new landing pages that target different audiences and help convert them from website visitors into customers.

Menu Navigation

When people visit a physical location, they like to be able to find things quickly and easily. Your eCommerce store should be no different. Just like when you visit the grocery store and already know where the bread, milk, and eggs are located, you want to be able to find the items you are looking for on any eCommerce site in just a few seconds. If your navigation is not up to date and easy to follow, you could lose potential customers in the confusion. Even websites that don’t sell products rely on navigation that is easy to follow to keep the attention of visitors and make it easy to take the next step in learning more about a specific topic or service. This can be a quick fix though, so don’t let this type of development support project wait any longer.

Search Features

Another way potential customers will navigate your website is to just search for the product or topic themselves by conducting a search query. If you are relying solely on your website to maintain your business, you want to make sure your search tools are fully functional and have the capacity to provide the best results and keep the visitor’s interests in mind. If you do not have a search bar on your website, this can also be a great time to add one. It is a simple development support project that can be much more effective in the long run than you may think.


When your eCommerce store is your only form of business, you need to make sure that customers are able to get through checkout in a timely manner so they do not leave carts abandoned moments before completing a purchase. In times when you need to put the focus on the online end of your business and focus on your eCommerce development, you want to make sure people can easily get through the checkout process and make a secure purchase in the process.

With 1Digital® Agency, you will get a development team that can handle everything associated with these simple but essential web development projects from coding to implementing third-party applications, and bug fixes. In your greatest times of need, when you need your website to be functioning at full capacity, our expert team can handle the most important web eCommerce development projects, even if they are routine support projects.

When you need it most, trust 1Digital® and our tried and true development process to fulfill any web development or support project you need. Know that with 1Digital®, you have an expert team with many years of experience and expertise working for you to provide the support you need to keep your website up and running as it should.

Call us today at 215-809-1567 or send an email to to learn more about development support projects and everything else that 1Digital® can do for you and your eCommerce business.


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