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5 Signs That Outsourcing Your ECommerce SEO Strategy Is Best for Your Business

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5 Signs That Outsourcing Your ECommerce SEO Strategy Is Best for Your Business

The Importance of Building an SEO Plan

Many businesses mistakenly narrow the components and aspects of an eCommerce SEO strategy to just keywords or tags, but the concept is actually much larger. Ultimately, SEO impacts all areas of an online store’s digital marketing. From social media to product images, SEO is at work in how and what a business puts online; each piece of content, link or off-site initiative helps a search engine read your website better.

However, putting together a strategy that enhances search engine capabilities to find and understand your site isn’t always easy. Many eCommerce companies, especially in their early phases, stumble over this necessary aspect of owning an online business. This begs the question, “is it time to outsource your eCommerce SEO strategy?” Below are five reasons to give outsourcing some serious consideration.

#1: Your SEO Tactics Are Disorganized or Vague

All aspects of digital marketing require time, planning and commitment, SEO included. It is impossible to execute excellent eCommerce SEO without a clear strategy in place. However, many businesses find that the majority of their time spent on marketing is in carrying out tasks, not planning for new ones.

What should be incorporated into your eCommerce SEO strategy? First and foremost, a set of stated objectives. If you don’t have an expected outcome, it is impossible to efficiently improve your marketing. Goals will give your SEO policies guidance and provide a baseline for measuring an eCommerce SEO campaign.

Second, any SEO strategy should list the exact steps necessary to meet these goals. This includes the use of keywords, metadata, content, backlinks, social media, images and video, then determines which of these and how these components of eCommerce SEO strategy will be prioritized and utilized.

Arrival at a comprehensive SEO strategy requires knowledge of digital marketing, current trends, and specific industries. It also takes a huge amount of time in the form of planning sessions and team meetings. If your business is foregoing these important processes as a result of an improvised, last-minute SEO setup, it’s time to outsource.

#2: Your Business Isn’t Seeing Results from Search Advertising

“SEO” is a major term in marketing for good reason. When eCommerce SEO strategy is properly executed it is one of the lowest cost, highest yield components of marketing. Being on the first page of Google or Bing’s search results can vastly improve all metrics of your business, from traffic to conversion. Your competitors are striving for the same result with a similar product, which creates a great deal of competition to land your business high on that first page. You need an edge to boost the execution of your strategy over this competition barrier.

In particular, you should outsource your eCommerce SEO strategy and execution if you aren’t seeing higher traffic or a better search engine position that leads directly to more sales. In these instances, your keywords, tags, metadata, or other SEO tactics could be targeting the entirely wrong audience.

As well, some eCommerce entrepreneurs have no idea if their SEO strategy is producing sales or increased website traffic. Lack of time? Lack of concrete knowledge about metrics and digital data?  If you don’t have the time or specialized skills to analyze this data, it’s time to outsource.

#3: You Aren’t Marketing Across Separate Channels

Is your eCommerce SEO strategy only focused on one or two marketing channels? A focus that is too narrow could be a huge detriment to your business and the potential for SEO to drive sales on your site. The key to a great SEO strategy is integration across multiple channels. For instance, you want to keep an SEO-friendly blog, improve your overall SEO through social media activities, and keep text, image, and video content optimized.

Basically, the rule in eCommerce SEO strategy is: if it goes online, it should be optimized. Often, in-house marketing employs generalists that can dabble in different parts of SEO but aren’t specialized in any specific portion. At a digital agency, you find people specialized in different areas working in collaboration. The result is SEO that is uniformly strong. If your marketing staff doesn’t have the time or specialization to work across channels, then it’s time to find a team that is skilled in utilizing every single digital marketing channel.

#4: You Want Optimal Allocation of Company Resources

Operating an eCommerce company requires a great deal of juggling. The right hand is holding product improvement, while logistics and shipping are up in the air. Simultaneously, the left hand just released website security as it moves to catch employee management before it hits the ground. These examples only scratch the surface of the multitasking eCommerce entrepreneurs have to undertake. It’s time to consider if internal SEO strategy and implementation are extra juggling clubs that you simply don’t need to have in the mix.

Time spent on eCommerce SEO strategy is, invariably, going to take time away from other aspects of the business. For some eCommerce companies, this diversion of time has a double impact on the business. Not only are owners and employees taking precious time away from equally serious and essential tasks, but they aren’t specialized in SEO or digital marketing anyway.

#5: Your eCommerce SEO Strategy is Behind the Times

The pace of SEO, and all digital marketing for that matter, is fast. Not up-to-date on the latest rules and trends for eCommerce SEO strategy? Your business will soon fall behind competitors and not just in terms of where it ranks on Google. The effects of this occurance can be felt across the entire eCommerce company, all the way down to employee morale and confidence in the product.

The rules of SEO aren’t just diverse, they are also specific, complex, and detailed. These qualities make it even harder for an eCommerce entrepreneur to effectively track and implement the changes into their strategy. Besides, who has the time to spend on these constantly-changing requirements? At 1Digital Agency, we do.

The SEO experts at 1Digital Agency aren’t just aware of the different requirements of Google and other search engines, but we already know how to efficiently track the changes these search engines incorporate into their algorithms on a regular basis. Our focus on eCommerce means we specifically understand your wants and needs as an online seller, and our team builds an SEO strategy with all this in mind.

Find out more about our eCommerce-specific SEO strategies and see our past success right on our website.

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