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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Website Redesign

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Website Redesign

Website redesign

The process of building an eCommerce website is certainly complex, and once you complete this process, you want to let the website go to work and help you achieve the business success you desire. Over time, your website can become an afterthought because this process is complete.

In reality, your website is never complete. You can always update content, add new design elements, undergo a custom development project, anything that helps you expand on the possibilities and vision of your website.

One way to make a change and update your website is through a website redesign. You are probably thinking that you don’t want to go through this lengthy process again and have the website completely redesigned, but there are several reasons you should consider this.

Better Communication of Your Brand

A redesign is a great time to evaluate your brand as a whole. Is it working as it should be? Are there changes you could make? During a redesign, you typically want to review a lot of your copy, consider your logo and marketing strategy and see how they can all better work together. To better communicate your brand, you focus on everything from design elements to the functionality of the website.

Improved User Experience

In the same way you would keep a physical store location looking clean and presentable so that customers could easily navigate as they need to, you want your website to do the same. A website redesign is a great time to improve the overall website structure and make it much easy for the customer to complete the buyer’s journey. Focus on your unique selling points, add elements that cut down on the steps needed to complete a purchase, whether that is quicker checkout, landing pages that get the customer where they need to be sooner, better-placed prompts on the website, whatever you need to do to make things easier for your customers.

SEO and Site Performance Advancement

Your content is very important to your success, especially with search engines. Some of your content in the past may be based on the way your design was and the amount of space that was available on the website. In a redesign project, you take everything into consideration, even if it doesn’t have to do directly with the design. This can be a great time to evaluate your SEO plan and the impact you make with search engines. It’s also a great time to analyze your website’s speed and improve your technical SEO so your website generates more of the organic results you are looking for and continues to take steps in growth.

Better Quality Leads

A redesign allows you to make advancements in your website development and go through A/B testing on your pages to make changes that you know will work with your customers. By catering your content to your target customers, you get more qualified leads that can help you to grow your business.

Make Integrations Easier

Your website should be compatible with any software or tools you use to make growing your business easier, things that allow you to capture important data or to improve the user experience. If it is easy to implement these features, you will see how much improvement there can be in the functionality of your website.

If you are considering a website redesign, you certainly now have an understanding of why a refresh to your site can be a good idea. If you want to take that step and make some changes to breathe new life into your website, you want the best team behind you, helping you every step of the way.

That team is 1Digital Agency, experts on eCommerce design, development and digital marketing to help you achieve success. We are proud partners with many of the top website platforms in the eCommerce industry including BigCommerce and Shopify Plus. Since our inception in 2012, our goal has been helping businesses grow to reach new heights and we want to do the same for you.

So give us a call at 215-809-1567 or send an email to info@1digitalagency.com to learn more about what we can do for you and to get started on your redesign project.

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