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5 Factors to an Effective eCommerce Website

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5 Factors to an Effective eCommerce Website

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A successful eCommerce website will have various elements that help make things easier for the customer. The less time they have to spend deciding to purchase, the more likely they are to complete the purchase.

People use online shopping for convenience and ease. A byproduct of going online to make a purchase is the idea that it should be almost instantaneous. Shoppers want to find the products they want to purchase quickly and be able to complete the purchase in just a few minutes. It’s all about making things easier, which keeps the process more enjoyable.

That is what ultimately makes your eCommerce website effective. As you consider a design or development project so that your website functions the way it should and delivers on customer experience, here are some factors you should keep in mind.

Why You Should Buy – From the beginning, you want to make sure customers are getting a sense of what you provide beyond the products. Are you offering the lowest prices? Do you have free shipping? Is your customer service better than others? You want to make sure the things that set you apart are visible and apparent so customers know why they should purchase from you. This is where you express the values of your brand, everything that should become part of the fabric of the entire website.

Make Products Easy to Find – Customers should have many ways to find the products they want to purchase. Your eCommerce website probably will have a navigation bar that categorizes products. You should have a search tool so customers can type in the products they want. You can also recommend or suggest products based on a customer’s recent history or feature new products so they are easy to find. Customers should be able to find whatever they are looking for or see the newest or best products you offer in just a few seconds.

eCommerce website

Convenience – Customers want to get the details about the products they are interested in and read up on the products before they buy. But like everything else, customers want to access it without having to go through a number of steps. Having as much information displayed without requiring additional steps like going to another page is a great start. Make it easy to get even more extensive information by providing links on all products and keeping your product pages clean.

Advanced Features – Once you have mastered the basic steps of building up your eCommerce website and making the experience a quality one, you can look into advanced features. One of the more common features is allowing customers to purchase a product as a gift.

No Surprises – The last thing customers want is for something unexpected to be a part of their shopping. They expect a private and secure shopping environment. They expect to find lower prices and don’t want additional fees to change their mind on a purchase. They want to see that returns are easy in the event that a return is needed. Full disclosure is most important here. Give as much information as you can about return policy, shipping policy, pricing, and privacy policy so that everything is in the open. No surprises mean a customer is more likely to complete a purchase.

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