5 Essential Things Your eCommerce Website Must Have

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5 Essential Things Your eCommerce Website Must Have

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5 Essential Things Your eCommerce Website Must Have

Website – Essential ThingsUntil few years ago it was considered that Shopping is a woman’s  right,  but with the  advent of many online stores and  with a wide range of tech gadgets have made man glued to the screen for hours. Also numerous web stores cater for kids, parents and teenagers as well. In a general sense we can say that eCommerce websites engage web customers.There are many essential elements  for the success of eCommerce website but do consider the following  things when you are designing each element of  your eCommerce website .


Make Your Online Shop Sell :-

Many stores are designed without a thought on making a sale. Their visibility is  cool but when it concerns shopping they are absolutely useless. It is enough that these websites  are equivalent to the online presence of the brand or the physical store , but all the websites does was put a big ‘Buy’ button in plain view. Attention to such details is not drawn.


Reveal  the advantages of Your products :-

A list of the product categories  can help your online store.  To coax the common web surfers to buy , new arrivals and the special deals can be good for it. There  is a huge chunk of online surfers who even don’t know what they exactly want. As an online seller your goal must be to tap into that market  and reveal  them what they are missing out on. By applying this goal you can easily compete against large eCommerce companies.


Fetch the trust  of the website visitors :-

It is a known fact that people watch what they spend on. Hence it is inevitable that they want to know everything about the product they’re going to buy, payment methods, the purchase process, the delivery service and  warranties. Hence linking to the appropriate pages from your home pages must be done properly. Your support team’s time can be easily reduced and the number of customer’s pre-sale help requests can also be suppressed.


Freebies and free shipping :-

Decision is made very quickly by the people whether they like a website or not . And  this is the main reason that  you should grab their attention in a few seconds upon the entry in your site. Or else they will find some other shop with a more attractive home pages. During sales and discounted periods , millions of people loose their mind. It is because nothing attracts better and faster than the shopping deals. Some are attracted by the major mark downs and some by the free shipping. But it is clear that almost every one is interested in the one kind of promo or another. Hence the eye-catching banners with discount offers  must be positioned on the upper part of the home page of the online store.


Latest news and most popular products :-

When there are  upcoming events that buyers should know about the product then the home page is the best place to house them. Latest news about the products can also be positioned on the home page. Exclusive deals and hot prices must not be made too hard for the buyers to find.

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