4 Tools for Building Better SEO for Corporate Sites

Don’t Let Your Brand Be Limited By Your Tools

The Tools of SEO for Corporate Sites Are Much More Complex Than Other Tools

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is attempting to fly blind through the process of building a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your site.  SEO for corporate sites isn’t as simple as plugging keywords into your company blog and hoping for the best.  Effective SEO requires coordination across multiple platforms, an understanding of the algorithms that govern search engines, and the ability to keep up with the near-constant changes that search engine companies like Google and Microsoft introduce to their platforms on a regular basis.

The rate of change in SEO, however, is fueled by teams of the worlds greatest software engineers and computer scientists.  Keeping up with that sort of technological growth would be an impossible task for eCommerce store owners to undertake themselves without aid.  While many established eCommerce brands may have devoted digital marketing teams or consultants, startup owners might find themselves at a loss when confronted with the need to build up the SEO for corporate sites they own.  In this 1Digital blog, we will explore a handful of tools that are invaluable to digital marketing professionals, so that both the leaders of established brands and small startups can find themselves more empowered to plan and enact their company’s SEO strategies.

Tools for Optimization

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress that gives automatic, real-time feedback on the optimization of written web content as it is created.  Yoast is extremely flexible, able to help you build for readability, keywords and key phrases, images, and more all within a single plugin.  If your company’s sites are built in WordPress, you’re unlikely to find a better tool than Yoast for ensuring that your written content is on the mark.  Yoast is updated regularly to account for changes in search engine rules and algorithms, so you’ll never have to worry that your site is falling behind on the basic parameters of SEO for corporate sites.

Yoast uses real-time feedback to allow you to instantly and dynamically make changes to your content to help result in better search listings.  While it isn’t a magic bullet, it’s one of the best all-in-one plugins you could ask for on the WordPress platform.  If you don’t have Yoast, consider adding it to your site right away.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a completely free analytics suite that is designed to give you an excellent picture of your site’s performance.  While it isn’t the perfect analytics tool, its fantastic for getting a snapshot of where your website is performing well, what demographics you might be missing, and how you can reach your customers better.  Being that Google Analytics is a tool made by Google, the tool is able to give particularly helpful information on data tied to Google services.  Analytics will, therefore, yield the most relevant data for users accessing your site through Google Search, using Google Chrome, or visiting through links on other Google sites or Google-hosted sites.

Nearly every company can benefit from familiarizing themselves with Google Analytics, especially if you don’t yet have an established analytics suite.  Google Analytics allows even those completely new to running a website to quickly get access to incredibly valuable data such as bounce rate, page views, time spent on page, and the number of pages visited.

Social Media

That’s right: social media can actually be a tool to vastly improve your sites’ SEO.  Because social media is so universal these days, you can quickly connect audiences and build relevance for your page by using social media strategically.  If you already have followings on one social media site, make sure you’re leveraging that following to build attention on your own sites.  You might be surprised how easy it is to build a following on social media whilst simultaneously missing the mark on actually mobilizing that following to your site.

Building organic, interesting, and engaging content on your social media profiles that also links your audience to your primary site strengthens your site’s relevance in the eyes of major search engines, in addition to boosting your reach within each social media network’s individual ecosystem.  Social media is also a direct route into the lives of your audience; those who find your content engaging and amazing are likely to talk to their friends about it, giving you the added benefit of old-school, ever-faithful word-of-mouth reach.


Every single site-building, blogging, and word processing tool in the modern world allows for simple and easy hyperlinking.  Hyperlinks to relevant content, both inside and outside of your company’s sites, is one of the most important ways to boost your website’s relevance in the eyes of search engines.  While the act of creating a hyperlink itself is beyond simple (usually a single button press or keyboard shortcut,) the more difficult part is knowing when and to what you should be linking in order to best improve SEO for corporate sites you own.

Knowing when to hyperlink to another page, whether inside your site or out, simply boils down to making a judgment call on the relevance of the link.  Will your audience gain something from the link?  Add it!  If you’re linking to a blog or a website frequently, you can even reach out to the owner of the site to let them know what you think of your content.  Sometimes connecting with other companies, bloggers, or industry leaders can result in a mutually beneficial connection between your audiences, all through the simple tool that is a hyperlink.

In SEO terms, having another site link to your content is called a “backlink,” and these are considered particularly valuable since they not only funnel new viewers to your content, but they also help search engines identify that your site is relevant to other websites, blogs, and users.

SEO for corporate sites can be an overwhelming process for many.  While these simple tools can help you establish a foundation for your sites or a basic understanding of what you can utilize to begin optimizing your sites, the full extent of SEO is often more than a single individual can undertake.  That fact is why the experts at the 1Digital Agency team are here to help.  Contact us today to learn how you can grow your site, build your audience, and, most of all, get back to the business of business.

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