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4 Surefire Tactics to Ensure Your Online Sale Flies High After the Holidays

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4 Surefire Tactics to Ensure Your Online Sale Flies High After the Holidays

An Online Sale for the New Year Can Make Business Boom

A New Year Means New Opportunities

With Christmas and Hannukah both passed and New Years’ quickly approaching, you may find yourself anxious about when to launch your next major sale.  The holiday season and all of the sales it entails can sometimes seem like a grueling marathon starting in November and not ending until well into January (when considering returns, exchanges, and gift card recipient shoppers.)  A Properly-timed online sale can bring new customers in the door and can also reward returning customers who are paying attention to your marketing emails, but positioning one too close to the holidays could leave paying customers feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.  You might wonder, then, what strategy you should adopt in planning your post-holiday sales.  This article will explore the best practices, time-tested techniques, and effective tactics that will ensure your online sale is a hit with your clientele.

Time Your Online Sale Based on Demographic

There exist drastically different cultural appreciations of post-Christmas sales between countries.  For a few examples, members of cultures who do not largely celebrate Christmas are much less likely to feel overburdened by non-holiday sales that occur near your holiday sales.  Also, many people who live in countries once associated with the British Empire still celebrate Boxing Day, a day usually associated with major sales.  If your clientele largely consists of those familiar with Boxing Day or who aren’t much concerned with Christmas or Hannukah sales, a Boxing Day sale might be an ideal option.  However, if your buyers are largely located in the United States a sale before New Years’ is likely to fall flat.  For customers within the U.S., consider doing a sale later in January or even waiting until closer to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a surprisingly major holiday for retail stores.  According to data gathered by the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day nets almost 20 billion dollars in sales for retailers all over the country, and eCommerce will take in an estimated 27% of that total, possibly more given the trend of shoppers moving to mobile buying.  An online sale aimed at Valentine’s Day could be the perfect timing for buyers who may have burned out on marketing emails and sale options during the winter holidays.

Communicate Differently

Regardless of when the right time is for your post-holiday online sale, it’s incredibly important to distinguish it visually and tonally from your holiday sales.  After a month or more of holiday-themed media of all forms, customers are bound to be tiring of the design motifs, vocabulary, and tone that characterizes holiday marketing across all mediums.  With an approaching new year comes the need for fresh approaches.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your brand during this time, as it’s likely to be a period in which customers are most receptive to innovations in your marketing.

If you’ve been sitting on an idea for a new email campaign, a post-holiday online sale might just be the perfect time to give it a test run, especially if your company leaned into holiday marketing heavily.  Show off your flair and build a campaign that strikes off in a different, eye-catching, and refreshing direction.

Choose Sale Items Wisely

Items for an Online Sale Should Be Carefully Calculated

Almost as important as your communication and timing choices are what items you choose to put on sale.  Holiday gift staples are unlikely to do well in the post-holiday season.  Instead, take a close look at previous year sales to see what items brought customers to your store after the holidays.  Paying close attention to what gift card shoppers bought after the holidays is an especially effective tactic; putting items that appeal to gift card shoppers on your sale list could be just the invitation they need to browse further and buy more.  In addition, a more focused dive into seasonal analytics could reveal other trends you hadn’t even realized about your shoppers yet.

When choosing your sale items, make sure to keep a few of the most desirable items at their regular premium price, especially if those items are frontrunners of your brand.  Some items aren’t complemented by a price slash and simply having them front-and-center while a sale on other items is going on can increase the number of customers checking out your flagship items.

Keep Newcomers in Mind

As we have explored in some of our recent holiday-focused articles, the holidays often prove to be a significant set-up play for expanding your customer base.  What you do in the months following the holidays is what will determine whether you secure those customers for life or if they buy once and then drift away.  One of the best ways you can optimize the effect of your post-holiday online sale is by building it to be especially newcomer-friendly.

Consider building a mobile-friendly landing page specifically for this sale that directs customers to simple-and-easy product browsing, account creation, and gift card registration.  If newcomers’ first experience with your store is one of ease and enjoyment, you’re going to make an impression that lasts, and you might even see an immediate uptick in the population of your mailing list.  Customers that feel that you care about them and their experience are going to start off with immediate rapport with your brand.  All entrepreneurs know you can’t put a price tag on customer goodwill.  Customers who believe in a brand are often customers for life.

These four tactics are designed to build you a high-flying follow-up to the holiday season that will solidify the work you put in throughout the month of December.  Good work should never go to waste; keep your company focused on tying up the loose ends from 2017 and 2018 is even likelier to be an incredible year for your business.

1Digital Agency of Philadelphia is devoted to helping eCommerce businesses thrive, all year round.  We want to help you bring in the new year with good sales and even better customer relations.  ECommerce is our passion, and we want to share that passion with you.  Contact us today at info@1digitalagency.com to see just how much we can do for you this year!




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