4 Reasons to Move to Shopify Plus
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Your enterprise business sees thousands of transactions and sales daily and you want to make sure the platform your eCommerce web store works exactly right for you. While Shopify is known to host many small and medium size businesses, Shopify Plus offers an enterprise solution for businesses looking for a platform that can handle a high volume but also has the customization and support like a small business. Some of the biggest industry leaders host their businesses on Shopify Plus. Some of these include the Los Angeles Lakers, Hoot suite, Tesla, and Red Bull.

Completely Customizable

Your brand is unique, and you want your eCommerce site to reflect your brand’s uniqueness. Shopify plus is a great platform to host your enterprise business on if you want complete customization. On Shopify Plus you can define the layout, content, and branding whichever way you prefer. Shopify Plus also offers curated apps exclusively to Shopify customers. These downloadable apps make it easier to run your enterprise business without any of the hassles. These apps especially created for Shopify customers allow to run your business more effectively, and efficiently. If you’re looking to do something to your eCommerce site that isn’t feasible to you, Shopify partners with designers and developers that work specifically for Shopify. These designers and developers can help create the eCommerce website you’ve envisioned.

White Glove Treatment

One of the best features of Shopify Plus is their white glove treatment to every eCommerce business they host. Whether a smaller business or an enterprise customer, Shopify is dedicated to providing dedicated assistance and support with their Shopify Plus accounts. Shopify has account managers that oversee the daily operations of your e-store. They even take it a step further by working daily with you to improve your business as a whole. Shopify provides 24/7 support to their accounts with the Shopify Plus priority support phone number and email. Shopify’s dedication to their customers no matter the size allows Shopify customers to build their eCommerce businesses with the knowledge that they are always there to support and assist them.

Your Orders

Your eCommerce business sees thousands of transactions per day. You need an eCommerce platform that candle handle that type of volume easily and efficiently. Shopify Plus is built to handle intense amounts of traffic and sales that enterprise businesses are used to seeing every day. As an eCommerce business, there is no limit to the sales volumes, the number of products, or even bandwidth your store needs to keep up with demand. Shopify Plus can handle up to 500K hits to your eCommerce website per minute. Their payment gateways accept payments in a variety of ways. Shopify Plus accepts over 70 different payment gateways which allow businesses to sell in different parts of the world and in different languages.

Fully-Hosted Platform

Unlike self-hosted platforms, Shopify is a full-hosted platform. This means in comparison to self-hosted platforms, Shopify Plus comes with dedicated support staff that works to make sure your website never goes down. Shopify Plus is also Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. The sensitive information a customer enters such as shipping and billing information and credit/debit card information is protected by the same level of security as banks do. Shopify Plus also takes it a step further by making sure their account holders are protected from hackers or fraud. They provide security to eCommerce businesses as well as their customers.


Shopify Plus is not just for small and middle sized companies. Their features cater to enterprise businesses and the thousands of sales and heavy traffic they are used to seeing every day. As an approved premier partner, 1Digital has worked with Shopify and Shopify Plus businesses to create custom eCommerce websites. We’re a trusted partner and no project is too big or small. If you have any customizations needed on your Shopify Plus platform, contact us today and we’ll help your dream eCommerce store come to life!




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