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4 ECommerce Pros to Watch for Success in 2018

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4 ECommerce Pros to Watch for Success in 2018

How eCommerce Pros Can Help Us Win in 2018

Learn From Industry Leaders

The landscape of eCommerce, like many digitally-plugged-in industries, is constantly shifting and evolving.  From year to year, the list of companies seen as industry leaders changes, with some new brands rising to the top and others falling slightly behind.  The true eCommerce pros, though, are the names you see leading the industry every single year or rising to the top again and again, even if they’re not the loudest, most bombastic, or most seemingly revolutionary brands.  Companies that truly understand an industry can change it and guide it without needing to be the hottest topic or the newest name on the block.

While some industry-leading brands are well-recognized names by just about anyone online, other companies fly under the radar of anyone except those who are truly in-tune to the ebbs and flows of change in the eCommerce industry.  In this 1Digital blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most influential eCommerce pros who can, with careful observation and attention, provide guidance for your company in the coming year.

The Leaders

1. Amazon

Amazon is possibly the greatest of all of the eCommerce pros and definitely falls into the category of brands everyone knows we mentioned above.  Having grown over the years from an online bookseller into an all-around eCommerce giant, Amazon is constantly innovating in ways that other brands should absolutely be paying attention to.  One of the biggest successes they’ve had lately is in their expansion to omnichannel retail.  With the acquisition of Whole Foods and the opening of Amazon Go grocery stores, Amazon is proving to be a pioneer of mass-scale omnichannel selling.  How they adapt to the challenges omnichannel selling brings is likely to prove to be incredibly educational for any larger eCommerce brand hoping to learn from the competition.

Amazon, though it is one of the world’s leading brands, is not without flaws.  Other eCommerce companies, therefore, can learn from both the company’s successes and it’s failures, especially because other brands without the global income that Amazon wields might not be able to absorb the mistakes that Amazon can brush off.

2. Camelbak

Having been touted by BigCommerce for years as one of their greatest success stories, Camelbak is more than just a BigCommerce success story.  Camelbak’s innovative products can be found for sale in nearly every outdoor sporting shop in the country as well as on their store online.  Their ability to win the online-shopping loyalty of outdoor sports enthusiasts, who generally love to shop in stores where they can see and feel the products they buy, is nothing short of a golden lesson in good communication with key demographics.

Camelbak’s success in managing to build a brand reputation that persisted through a transition into eCommerce, as well as the continued success they’ve had in recent years can be a guiding light for companies with niche demographics they hope to bring with them as they transition online.

3. Blizzard Entertainment

Best known for its presence in the world of digital gaming, Blizzard Entertainment’s online merchandise store has grown massively in the last five years.  While their online store previously offered mostly digital goods for their online games, with limited physical merchandise available, recently they have greatly expanded their offerings for physical products.  In 2017, they completely overhauled the store, changing the appearance, inventory, and ease-of-use of the new “gear store.”

These changes came in tandem with their renewed push into “e-sports,” or high-skill, competitive gaming.  With the establishment of local leagues, much like traditional sports leagues, Blizzard Entertainment managed to simultaneously upgrade their store into a proper eCommerce presence while also bringing droves of buyers looking for local e-sport team merchandise directly to their newly upgraded store.  With this, they proved, once and for all, that the digital gaming industry is carrying more power than ever and can even make huge profits by offering physical merchandise associated with their established gaming brands.

4. Woot!

Sometimes referred to as the “weird” side of eCommerce, Woot! is a company that offers a very different experience than nearly any other shop on the web.  Woot! utilizes humor, and sometimes well-meaning sarcasm, to add a unique spin to what is, at its core, an online bargain shop.  Woot! both aggregates deals and stocks inventory of their own, meaning that they are a great one-stop-shop for bargain hunters online.

It’s their branding, though, that seems to have won them the most attention.  In addition to garnering a niche following, Woot! has continuously expanded the types of products it offers over the course of almost 14 years of flourishing online sales.  While it originally tended to offer electronics and niche gadgets, it now offers tools, food, and even computer parts.  Almost all of their headline products are accompanied by uniquely-written jokes, references, or puns.  They also have an incredibly popular department known as “shirt Woot!” which offers reasonably-priced graphic tees, often with unique art unavailable elsewhere.

Woot! is likely to keep succeeding in the future; their success is proof of the idea that not everyone has to try to be Amazon.  If your company has something truly unique, even something very niche, you can succeed as long as you know your audience well.

ECommerce Pros Know to Learn from the Best

Can You Join the ECommerce Pros?

There’s no doubt about it: eCommerce is the way of the foreseeable future.  As a particularly young industry that is also extremely adaptable, there is room for both veterans and newcomers to take positions of industry leadership.  If your company isn’t in that place yet, all you have to do is carefully learn from the best and see how the strategies they’re using can be applied to your unique brand (or how you can avoid the mistakes that are slowing them down.)

Here at 1Digital Agency, we believe strongly in the incredible potential of eCommerce brands with vision and adaptability.  Our professional team has devoted itself to understanding the ins-and-outs of the industry, and we want to help you apply that to your business so you can lead.  Contact our team today at info@1digitalagency.com to see what our experts can do for you!

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