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Dynamic Remarketing Takes Advertising One Step Further

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Dynamic Remarketing Takes Advertising One Step Further

Dynamic Remarketing

When it comes to online shopping, it’s all about convenience. The digital world that we live in evolved from selling merchandise and electronics, over cosmetics, and up to food online.

As a customer, you wander from one online shop to the next, using all resources to compare and choose between products that fit best with your needs. But while shopping, you might not always check out, because you get distracted during the process, and forget to get back to it afterwards. I mean who can’t relate? But what does this mean for an eCommerce business? It is definitely a challenge to maintain conversion rates. Businesses might even lose potential sales to competitors.

It is every business owner’s dream to have their customers convert during their first site visit. But we need to face the truth here! Smart Insights reports that 50% of people who add a product to their cart, don’t convert on that visit. That’s a rough number! But at the same time, if you know how to increase conversion rates, you will have the opportunity to double your sales.

Let’s try to think outside of the box, and go beyond regular advertisements. There is a way to get these people back who left the site without converting. You just have to remind them to return! Because now, you already know what each visitor is looking for in your store, and that you’ve got it! So no need for random advertisements on products you offer. You can just easily inform visitors about updates on products that were viewed before. This wonderful method is called remarketing. Ever heard of it?

Using the remarketing technique, you specifically target people that left your website without converting. They have already shown interest in your products, and may be indecisive or just checking them out. These people are called a remarketing audience. This way of re-targeting is not only cheaper, but also more effective. You’re focusing more on people that are interested, than people that have never heard of your brand before.

A small example, visitors that viewed a certain product or abandoned the cart will be re-targeted via ads that show sales discounts, or special offers to get them to return to your website and complete the purchase.

Knowing the basics, it is time to talk about the real deal. Dynamic Remarketing!

If you had an eCommerce site that sold clothing, and you had  analyzed your visitor’s browsing behavior, who checked out the newest pair of Levis jeans you offer, wouldn’t it be fantastic to provide the previous visitor an ad with an image and a price for those pants? You could even throw in a special discount!

Or how about an image with the jeans and a matching top to optimize the perfect fall look? This is where dynamic remarketing comes into play!

And here is how it works:

In this blog, I am specifically addressing Google’s dynamic remarketing. In dynamic remarketing Google creates re-targeted ads, that are based on the product that the visitor has previously viewed. The following steps explain how to set up dynamic remarketing


Google Merchant Center

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the Google merchant center. The Google Merchant Center is a service for online retailers to manage product listings and promote them via Google product search, Google SERPs with images, and other Google properties. Dynamic remarketing pulls the information from company’s unique merchants accounts, allowing account holders to draw from existing components in their Merchant Center catalog, and use existing product data. You have to make sure your Google Merchant Centre account is linked to AdWords.


Create Campaign

The first step in creating any dynamic re-targeting campaign is to add snippet of html code to all pages on your site. Heads up, the implementation does take some coding knowledge. Make sure you have access to a developer who is qualified to work with the JavaScript requirements.


Create Remarketing Audience

Once the coding is implemented, you need to get things up in AdWords. So, create your Ad Groups and narrow your targeting. You can specifically target audiences that you would like to prioritize over others. To do so, you simply navigate your shared library, audiences, and then select ‘Re- marketing list’ from the ‘New Audience’. The re marketing list will show you many lists which you can choose from. From there you can create a list definition and select who you want to contain in the audience. The remarketing audiences you create can basically start with users who dropped out of a funnel ( left product page) to high value users, which are those that frequently convert to your website.


Create Dynamic Remarketing Ad

After assigning the appropriate audiences to each ad group, it’s time to create the ads. This is the final, and best part! Each banner size offers 15 dynamic ads formats to choose from. Your visitor has viewed products you add and is now being served the same product again, or just a different style. They can click on that specific product within the ad and will be directed back to the website. Ads will also rotate products and generally be much more dynamic than static image ads. Below is an example of a dynamic remarketing ad.


Why Dynamic Remarketing is so amazing and how your business benefits from it:

Dynamic remarketing gets you more bang for your advertising buck! It is affordable and simple! It’s a comprehensive tool and you can even do it yourself within AdWords without any additional fee. Your business will get higher conversion rates for your display advertising campaigns. Keeping your brand at the top of your customers minds will increase the chances of future sale! This is a great way to reconnect and engage with customers. This will be the key factor to any eCommerce website future success! Here at 1 Digital Agency, we understand and know how to apply these techniques to reconnect you with your customers. Our solutions will help communicate more effectively, reach your audience, and drive leads. If you want to learn more contact our marketing department.









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