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Philadelphia-Based eCommerce Agency Continuing Regular Work with Clients

Philadelphia, PA: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, 1Digital® Agency has provided an update on business operations for their digital marketing agency. While many businesses across the country and around the world deal with the circumstances of maintaining safe social distancing and practicing healthy habits to stop the spread of the virus, 1Digital® remains fully functional in helping existing clients and onboarding new clients for website design, development, and digital marketing services.

In addition to providing these services, 1Digital® remains loyal to clients as an ongoing support system to help maintain business during this time. Clients can still expect the same services and support that they have been receiving from the beginning. New clients get the same treatment, and all onboarding efforts remain timely and efficient so businesses can build a foundation, maintain their push to rank higher on search engines with marketing and SEO or make new and exciting changes to their website with a fresh design or development project.

During these times, online shopping has become more important as families observe social distancing and self-isolation policies established by local government officials. While these may be trying times, they are also very positive times for essential businesses and for various eCommerce businesses as people complete their shopping online. As a result, 1Digital® Agency is on the front lines, working with clients to stay the course in their long term SEO and digital marketing strategies and aiding them in creating new and exciting website changes in design and development to keep things fresh and moving forward.

1Digital® is an eCommerce marketing agency readily available for clients. While 1Digital® has joined in observing self-isolation and working remotely in all areas possible, they continue to support clients with eCommerce solutions and complete day-to-day operations as usual.

Founded in 2012, 1Digital® Agency is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency that offers custom web design, web development, and digital marketing services like PPC, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and more. Now, more than ever, 1Digital® is dedicated to serving clients with all of their needs in online marketing. With hundreds of satisfied and happy clients, 1Digital® Agency has earned the reputation as a growing, full-service digital marketing agency with an expert team.

In difficult times, everyone needs a helping hand to stay the course and remain positive. 1Digital® Agency is serving as that support system, helping clients maintain their efforts in digital marketing and keep a successful online presence in the face of uncertainty. 1Digital® continues to see the full potential of every business and every client and offers extensive support to help clients reach their goals. Join the 1Digital® team and become a new client and get the support and assistance needed to achieve business goals.

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