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BigCommerce SEO

SEO can make or break your eCommerce website. You can have the best design, smoothest operation, and fully-developed website, but if there is no promotion or push on search engines, then you won’t see any traction or the results that you deserve.

You know the importance of having a quality store, which is why you have built on BigCommerce, one of the leaders in the eCommerce industry. Sometimes, the help of a digital agency can be the push you need to get the best results that lift your eCommerce presence to new heights.

At 1Digital Agency, our BigCommerce SEO experts know what it takes to stand out and use the best SEO techniques. With back-end and on-page optimization, site speed analysis, and advanced keyword research, 1Digital uses content writing and marketing that targets these keywords while speaking to the voice you want your customers to hear.

Why Choose 1Digital Agency as Your BigCommerce Expert?

1Digital Agency has a track record of success, ranking BigCommerce stores better than the competition. We are certified Elite BigCommerce partners and have been since our inception in 2012.

As BigCommerce partners, our designers, developers, and marketing team work with BigCommerce every day to create the best designs that are user-friendly, generate traffic and lead to more conversions.

Our SEO process is designed to target the keywords that will help you get traffic and make an impact on Google’s search algorithm. We know the things that make an impact and generate the results with Google, so you start ranking higher and seeing increases in traffic in the hopes of achieving more conversions.

BigCommerce SEO

The Process

1Digital Agency has a specific process for SEO that is designed to achieve the best results. We start by performing a website audit that helps us identify your strengths and weaknesses in SEO and areas where you have an opportunity to advance.

We follow that with an advanced keyword research process that allows us to identify the best target keywords for you that can get your campaign in motion from the start. We analyze the industry and your competition to also select these words and your chances of ranking in the top 10 for multiple terms.

Once keywords have been selected, we begin to generate content that creates back-end links and onsite content, leaving no stone unturned with tagging, establishing a strong site structure and building a link strategy that creates a network of backlinks that assists in ranking on search engines.

During the process, you get frequent reports on your rankings and traffic, always remaining part of the process.

With the help of our marketing experts, who know the ins and outs of BigCommerce and how to rank on search engines. You can check out case studies on our success stories with clients using BigCommerce to see how we have helped others achieve success and reach goals through your SEO efforts.

If improving your SEO is something you are interested, contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the results you want with a process that has proven to be a success for many clients.


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