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1Digital® Agency Starts Work For Reece Boutique

1Digital® Has Been Hired By The Boutique Retailer For SEO and Retainer Services

Philadelphia PA: 1Digital® Agency is excited to announce that they are beginning an SEO campaign for The Reece Boutique, a retailer of affordable and fashionable women’s clothing based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are dedicated to offering clothing that is affordable and always in line with current trends. As their online storefront has begun to expand, the team at The Reece Boutique has decided that they need to expand online as well. After exploring their options, they have chosen 1Digital® Agency for their expertise in eCommerce SEO services.

Certain eCommerce industry categories, like the fashion industry, can be fiercely competitive. Paid traffic costs can add up quickly and don’t always produce conversions. In order to get the best return on their investment, The Reece Boutique has decided to build their SEO authority. The process of publishing SEO content does take time, but it can really pay off.

SEO is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. SEO is all about showing search engine algorithms that your website is an authority in its field. By targeting the right keywords and creating backlinks, an SEO campaign will increase a business’ search rankings for certain search terms. 1Digital®’s team of SEO specialists has already helped The Reece Boutique assemble a list of valuable fashion-related keywords to target and their writers are beginning to craft the content that will help increase their site’s rankings and engage users.

In addition to partnering with 1Digital® to perform SEO marketing services, The Reece Boutique also requested retainer support for their website. Keeping an agency like 1Digital® on retainer provides The Reece Boutique with the flexibility to complete a wide variety of projects for their site. Whether it is a simple design tweak, fixing an unexpected bug, or integrating an app, 1Digital®’s team is there to help their site get back on track as quickly as possible.

No matter what services your online business needs, 1Digital® can help. Their team of eCommerce experts includes designers, developers, marketing specialists, and content creators. They are experienced with all of the major eCommerce platforms and are experts at helping businesses migrate their businesses between platforms. Whether you are looking to completely rebuild your eCommerce website or you are just looking to have a team on call when bugs arise, 1Digital® Agency is a clear choice.

If you are interested in any of the services 1Digital® Agency can provide, feel free to contact one of their eCommerce experts by calling 215-809-1567 or sending an email to info@1digitalagency.com. You can also visit www.1DigitalAgency.com to find more information on all of their eCommerce services.