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1Digital® Agency is excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Square to provide our clients with a payment option that fits their omnichannel needs.

Square is a mobile credit card processing application that has experienced tremendous growth over recent years, providing payment solutions and a number of advantages to small business owners when making transactions.

For eCommerce merchants that use a form of online or e-payment, what are the problems that they typically face? One of the most important that is often a deciding factor in choosing an eCommerce payment solution is fraud protection.

Fraud is the greatest concern, and in the eCommerce space, nothing is foolproof. With that in mind, security is of great importance, and there are ways to monitor this with tools that go outside a basic customer account. Online payment processors can come PCI DSS certified. Square is one platform that includes this feature.

What this does is set security standards that help ensure a safe and secure environment for transactions. It makes you more comfortable as a business owner and allows your customers to feel safe shopping with you. This is industry-leading security on your payments and transactions while using the most advanced payment technologies available today like chip cards and Apple Pay. With 1Digital® Agency and Square, you can boost your eCommerce space in all areas, from the look and feel across your website to a secure and easy purchasing and payment process when a customer makes a purchase.

Additionally, one of Square’s other benefits in protection is that there are no chargebacks. Chargebacks can not only prove costly but can also damage the reputation of your business. Too many chargebacks can lead to more and more customers closing accounts and taking their business elsewhere. Something like this could potentially destroy your online business, so in addition to secure payments, avoiding chargebacks is important. Again, this is an area where Square stands out in security, making things seamless for your customers and things effective for you as a business owner as well.

Ultimately, it is most important that you set up a secure shopping environment online. Here are some other benefits to using Square as your credit card processing system.

No Middle Man – Rather than having to go through a bunch of people and processes to set up an account and work with a lender, Square lets you create an account in minutes and begin making secure transactions. With no middleman, you can get right to work and begin accepting credit cards. You will get a free magstripe reader to be able to swipe credit cards from anywhere. You can also accept chip payments and NFC payments with Square Reader for contactless and chip. There are also register versions available to easily turn this into a countertop point of sale system.

Flat Fee Available – Using other services can lead you to accruing monthly fees that can become a hassle. With Square, business owners can opt for Square’s 2.75 percent rate per swipe or choose the flat rate of $275 per month. There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees, and no added rates for specific cards. All cards have the same rates and Square’s full PCI compliance is included.

Analytics – Square offers several analytics features, including a dashboard where you can see all transactions and deposits, the progress of invoices, and informative data in real time. This helps provide customer insights and powerful reporting so you can make informed business decisions. The Square dashboard is also available on your mobile device so you can take the analytics and track your sales from anywhere.

Quick and Easy Processing – With Square, processing is quick and easy. You are often paid the next day and transactions take less time with Square than having to wait for approval or printing a receipt.

By signing up for Square with 1Digital® Agency, you can get free processing of up to $1,000 in card transactions. Custom rate evaluations are also available.

If you are interested in credit card processing services and what Square can offer you as a small business, contact 1Digital® Agency today. Square can help you start, run, and grow your business by accepting payments anywhere and staying updated on your sales all in one place. Sign up with Square through 1Digital® Agency and start seeing the benefits this can have for your business. Please contact 1Digital® Agency with any questions regarding Square’s services through our partnership.


Dan Kogan

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