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1Digital® Agency is a team of eCommerce experts who specialize in fine tuning every aspect of their clients’ online stores. This includes offering eCommerce website design, eCommerce website development, and digital marketing services along with world class support. All of these services can help to improve an eCommerce store’s performance, with a website’s design being one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing visitor engagement.

They say that there are no second chances at a first impression and that rule holds for eCommerce design. The layout of an online store can tell the visitor a lot about the business in question. For businesses that want to stand out from their competitors, having a custom designed eCommerce store is a great way to ensure that visitors will be interested in exploring their brand.

1Digital® offers a wide range of eCommerce web design services. They can help modify existing templates to better fit a brand’s image or create entirely custom designs that will match the exact look and feel a business wants. Their team includes experts in designing for all of the major eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce and Shopify. Their online portfolio offers a glimpse of the design projects in their repertoire.

For businesses interested in eCommerce Design work, 1Digital® offers a free brand appraisal where their designers will take a look at your website and objectively assess its design. These appraisals not only offer valuable insight into how users perceive an eCommerce website but are also designed to serve as the groundwork for any design projects 1Digital® undertakes.

In addition to the design services they offer, 1Digital® also specializes in eCommerce website development. The development of custom features like improved menus and search functions often goes hand in hand with design. Their custom design process involves several steps, including review and revisions so clients can make sure that the final results are a perfect fit for their brand. Upon completion of a project, 1Digital® offers convenient retainer packages so businesses can rest assured that any small design, development, or bug fixes will be handled by the same team of professionals who designed their store.

Any eCommerce businesses interested in custom design services should pay 1Digital® Agency a visit. On their website, you can see detailed information on the types of design and development features they have produced for their clients. Their team of designers is always happy to put together a free brand appraisal for potential clients and discuss the services they offer. If you have an eCommerce business that is in need of a redesign, call 215-809-1567 or send an email to to speak with one of their design experts.


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