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It takes a lot to make a successful, full-service eCommerce digital agency with staying power.

According to official sources from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 20% of all businesses fail within their first year.

The same sources indicate that 45% fail within the first five years, and 65% within the first ten.

A variety of factors underpin this high failure rate. Unestablished vision, poor communication, improperly set expectations, and of course, high startup costs and high barriers to entry are common culprits.

For these reasons and others, only 35% of all start-ups make it to their ten-year anniversary, and we here at 1Digital Agency would like to thank our associates, employees, and most importantly, our customers for making this a reality for us.

We’ve just celebrated our tenth anniversary as a full-service eCommerce Digital Agency!

10 Years Delivering Unrivalled eCommerce SEO Services

We're an eCommerce digital agency specializing in SEO services.

Some of our most loyal, long-standing customers are our eCommerce SEO clients and are among those who have helped us round our ten-year anniversary.

Over the past ten years, keen attention to detail, adaptability, and a staunch commitment to keeping current with SEO best practices and Google core updates have enabled us to build an eCommerce digital agency with a watertight SEO process that is wildly effective for clients in a wide range of industry.

Over the past ten years, we have built effective SEO packages for clients in upwards of 40 different industries – including in B2B – which improve their organic keyword rankings, impressions, and traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates, sales, and revenue.

Our process improves our client’s search engine optimization by addressing all four core pillars of SEO – technical SEO, on and off-page SEO, and of course content. We optimize websites at the page level, build backlinks, remove technical errors, and develop content schedules predicated on sharply focused target keywords that result in steady, long-term ranking increases for our clients’ eCommerce sites.

Another part of what has helped us – and our eCommerce business clients – grow is that we offer free SEO audits that uncover key competitive opportunities for our clients’ online stores.

10 Years as an eCommerce Digital Agency Offering eCommerce PPC Management

In addition to establishing ourselves as an industry-leading eCommerce SEO company, we’ve also launched a highly successful eCommerce PPC management wing that has served clients in as wide a range as our SEO services.

Our pay-per-click specialists run highly targeted campaigns for clients in a broad swath of industries, specifically engineered to help them realize and reach their goals. We specialize in driving paid traffic, expanding brand awareness to generate interest among potential customers, and of course, driving conversions, sales and revenue.

Over the past several years, we have leveraged the talent of some of the industry’s brightest, sharpest minds to create a highly targeted PPC process that revolves around maximizing the ROI and ROAS of all of our clients’ campaigns.

Our PPC industry experts develop paid marketing strategies that are highly targeted and optimized for bidding on select keywords, as well as targeted demographically, geographically, and behaviorally targeted, A/B tested, and more.

In addition to ongoing optimizations that continuously improve each campaign and improve return on investment, we capitalize on the creative skills of our veteran copywriters and web design and development specialists to optimize ad copy and landing pages to further improve the success of our clients’ campaigns.

And, just as our eCommerce SEO experts offer SEO audits, so too do our PPC specialists offer PPC audits to help uncover potential areas for improvement as well strategic opportunities for growth.

10 Years of Design, Development, Support & Migration Services

Our full-service eCommerce digital agency also offers supporting design and development services.

1Digital Agency also offers supporting pillar services on top of eCommerce SEO and PPC management that allow our customers to create brand-integrated eCommerce stores with stunning, showstopping UX and UI – with the help of our talented design and development team.

Our web designers and developers specialize in the top eCommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify and Shopify Plus, Magento, Volusion, and WordPress, and have designed, developed, and redesigned websites for clients in countless industries.

Our eCommerce SEO company’s talented, Elite BigCommerce certified designers and developers pool years of experience tracking customer behavior and engagement while following evolving best practices for web design.

This enables us to create unique, original designs that speak to customers in a diverse and colorful array of industries.

We also support our customers’ marketing efforts with mobile app development, ongoing support, responsive development, API integration, and much more – all of which vastly improve the usability and functionality of our clients’ websites.

Our eCommerce consulting and support team also specializes in website migration services, and we have developed a highly specialized, extremely thorough migration process that has allowed us to deftly execute over 100 migrations and replatforming projects to and from all the major eCommerce platforms.

We build better websites for our clients, develop custom themes and functionality, and when we determine, together, that a platform is the limiting factor, we help them springboard to something better.

What the Next 10 Years Hold: Beyond an eCommerce Digital Agency

We are pleased to report not only that our eCommerce digital agency has recently celebrated our tenth anniversary, but that in the past ten years, we launched a wide range of new services.

For instance, 1Digital Agency now offers a range of supporting marketing services, including highly-targeted email marketing initiatives, content marketing services, and both paid and organic social media marketing campaigns. All of our marketing campaigns are cross-functional, integrated, and aligned with our vision of meeting the client’s goals.

We also offer eCommerce consulting services and Extended Care support plans that enable our clients to take full advantage of our strategic consultative resources. These support plans enable us to create unified marketing plans, supported by necessary design, development, and integration work, that create visionary, industry-leading websites buoyed up by effective cross-channel digital marketing strategies.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far without our clients, and we look forward to expanding our services in the next ten years. Contact us at 888-982-8269 to take your eCommerce website to the next level today with a unified marketing strategy built around your needs!


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