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10 eCommerce Blogs to Look Out For in 2018

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10 eCommerce Blogs to Look Out For in 2018

1Digital’s blog has all of the advice that you could possibly want, but just in case you’d like a second opinion, we’d like to share with you our top choices for 2018. We wouldn’t get very far if we didn’t take the time to read other people’s work! eCommerce is a community, and it’s important to get all that you can out of our community. Take a look through our list, and check out some of these other fantastic sources for eCommerce information!

E-Commerce Times

With some serious expertise to back them, consider this the New York Times of eCommerce. They’ll keep you posted on all the biggest transactions and decisions made by the bigwigs of eCommerce. If you’re looking for advice, they certainly have that, too! This is a blog that 1Digital frequents, and we highly recommend.



Although this blog is heavily swayed towards analytics, its eCommerce section is extremely helpful. Not only this, but you can expect (due to the core themes lying in analytics) in-depth analysis for each blog. This is a perfect go-to for those who want to understand the statistical side of different eCommerce concepts.



As Shopify partners, 1Digital heavily recommends the platform. However, what many don’t realize is that Shopify totes quite the impressive blog. Whether you’re interested in setting up a new Shopify storefront, or just want to learn more about the platform/eCommerce in general, this is a fantastic blog to check out.


Internet Retailer

If you’re looking for the technical side of eCommerce, you should absolutely visit Internet Retailer. With entire sections dedicated to charts + data, you’re looking at an extremely dedicated source that will provide you with the proof in the pudding.


Ecommerce Platforms

Looking to set up your online storefront? Having trouble choosing the right platform for the job? Sounds like you could use some help, and Ecommerce Platforms is exactly the direction you should take. They pin all of the platforms up against each other and break down the key differences. This is a fantastic source for those who are new to online marketing, and 1Digital highly recommends.


Acquire Convert

Giles Thomas is an eCommerce consultant, and a good one at that. His expertise can guide you in the direction that you need, and his founding of Whole Design Studios should be enough proof of his authority. With his help, you’ll understand exactly what your store needs to succeed. When you get a better idea of what your store is missing, contact 1Digital Agency, and we’ll help you set it up!


Bold Commerce

BoldCommerce is an agency that works directly with the development of Shopify apps. This means that you can get all of the information you need about setting up your Shopify store, apps, etc. With these guys, you’ll learn about the best practices for Shopify, backed by data that matters.



BigCommerce will always be a 1Digital favorite, and not just because we’re partners. We understand the inside and out of the platform, and we absolutely love it. It’s no surprise that one of the best eCommerce platforms out there would have an extremely helpful blog. With many case studies to choose from, you’ll get to see the true benefits of the platform, as well as the best ways to navigate it. When you need help setting up your BigCommerce store, contact 1Digital! We’ll get the ball rolling and leave you with the BigCommerce site of your dreams.



We’ve offered plenty of dry and information blogs, but Groove puts the entertainment in eCommerce. With Groove, you can have conversations with CEOs and read content that makes you laugh. Don’t let the pizazz fool you; you’ll also be getting a great deal of informative content that helps you in the long run.



The Ecommerce Authority is Volusion’s eCommerce blog, and it’s one of the more diverse options. You can grow and learn on your own with webinars, predictions for the future of eCommerce, and helpful entries that cater to your Volusion needs. One of the first and best platforms out there, Volusion has some serious wisdom to offer! If you’re interested in improving your Volusion store, check out their blog, and then come to 1Digital to finish the job!

1Digital Blog

We wouldn’t be very savvy with online marketing if we didn’t market our own online blog! All of these blogs are helpful, but 1Digital strives to educate every week, and we’ve got a happy customer base to prove our authority on the matter. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find some great info on our blog. If you don’t, why not give us a call? The experts at 1Digital Agency are always eager to help an online business in need. Contact us today, and let’s see what 1Digital Agency can do for you!

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